Legacy Siamese


What our adorable clients have to say

Suffian A.

Dakins is such an energetic little angel, he played and played until about 12:30 our time. At this point he meowed a few times...we think he was looking for his mama and siblings.... but he didn't take long before he cuddled in with Sarah and started to purr very loudly, being the biggest sook possible. He is absolutely amazing and loves the girls and is so well socialized thanks to you and all of your wonderful mothering skills :) We couldn't be happier with our latest addition.


Peta Ackles

I can tell by the loving ways of our little fellow. You can tell he has been nurtured with love because he has all the traits of a well breed cat. He sits on our laps, nuzzles up under our chin, greets us at the door when we come home, goes up to all our guest when they arrive and allows them to pet him, he plays with all the toys you sent with him and that all can come from only you preparing him for loving homes. You just don’t breed cats, you breed cats that are well adjusted and tender and loving..

Sarah J.

Tigo is the best pet I have ever had! Everyone loves him.Things are going really well. Tigo is so healthy and full of life; he is my new best friend lol. He mashes his face into mine when he wakes up and still purrs constantly. I think he loves me a lot...I just can't get enough of him. I will give him many kisses for you! I couldn't have asked for a better kitten. Feel free to write whenever you want and I will keep you posted.

The McGuires

Hey there, thought I would send you an update on Abby. She's doing great. She just loves to cuddle...she even greets everyone at the door when they come in. She's exactly what I wanted and more.

Elsa M.

Cupid is absolutely perfect! He's sleeping with me on my head and always putting his paws on my nose :) Loves to play with little ones, he's just amazing baby! I love him very much! And all my big girls are taking care of him as for their kittens. Thanks very much.

Vannessa P

When i first saw your web-site and saw the photo of Meddy i feel in love with her face... she had the sweetest eyes and expression....and i was looking for a long time for a persian female.....i was glad to find Meddy.....she is such a sweet personality....her character is so special....she follows me around the house....wakes me up in the morning with little monkey noises and jumps up on my bed and in my ears...wow