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Our Promise to You

We test all new cats coming into our home and cattery for FIV and FeLV before introducing them to our others cats. They are also given a full physical examination by a licensed veterinarian, are fully de-wormed and receive all necessary vaccines before being used in our breeding program. Our cats are annually vet checked, de-wormed and vaccinated to ensure they are as healthy as possible as we do not want to purposely use any unhealthy cats in our breeding program. Unvaccinated and unhealthy cats can produce unhealthy kittens with weak immune systems. So, not only is it important to ensure breeding cats are healthy for their own sake but also for the sake of their kittens. We also use a lot of preventative treatments here since we are well aware that by simply going to a cat show or to the vets that we could end up with a BIG problem.

We do offer a 1 year guarantee on fatal congenital defects and give 3 business days for our kitten buyers to have their new kitten checked over by a licensed veterinarian of their choice. If any thing is found to be wrong (other then any issue the buyer has already been told about and was okay with), a refund is given (100%) upon the kitten being returned.

We also offer lifetime support to our kitten buyers
and are here to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

Our vet, Dr. Lam, does a complete physical examination, which is a nose-to-tail inspection for any abnormalities and she will feel all over the body for any lumps and bumps. She uses a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs and checks legs for any signs of patellar luxation. She will also check vital signs (temperature, pulse, and respiration) and record the current weight. If there are any concerns, more tests will be preformed (blood work, urinalysis, stool analysis, xray, ultrasound, etc). Any findings are recorded on our cats and kittens vet records. Although we cannot and will not guarantee that the kittens we sell will NEVER get sick, as no breeder can, we do promise to do all that


we can to ensure our cats and kittens are as healthy and happy as possible and to never knowingly sell a kitten to any one without being honest and upfront about any health or behavioral issue that he/she may have. We think one very important thing for a breeder to have is a conscience and I know that we most definitely do. We pride ourselves in being honest and upfront and in educating kitten buyers in preventative treatments to ensure that the kitten they receive from us or ANY other cattery are in fact given the best chance of being completely healthy and happy in their new home.